Bishie Buttons
GIF - Small
GIF - Medium
GIF - Large

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Bishounen Buttons is a collection of little button like images of bishounen - those beautiful guys of anime.

How to?

  1. Choose a proper size - how big or small buttons do you want
  2. Put a bishie button on your page
  3. If there is a bishie profile available on the bishie, you may want to link the pic to that address. Ie, for Satoshi, link the pic to
  4. Check for profile availability at to be sure
  5. Put another one
  6. And another
  7. Put a whole pile

FAQ (without questions)

  1. Nope, I didn't draw the pics
  2. Yes, I love all of those who did
  3. If one of these is yours and you want it out of here, let me know and I'll do just that
  4. Because I was bored ^__^
  5. I try to make more when time allows, but this is REALLY time consuming
  6. Sure, I can make one from your pic(s). Ask me for more details before sending files


  1. small - 50x50 pixels
  2. medium - 100x100 pixels
  3. large - 150x150 pixels


  1. GIF89a non-animated - transparent 256 colors


  1. Kyuu
  2. email:
  3. chat: Bishounen Garden Chat
    IRC: #bishiegarden